Limp srl, company specializing in large thermoplastic components, produced for the nautical, general aviation, ropeway industries, designs and manufactures highly innovative products. In particular, the experience in using advanced technology machinery and tested processes, allows us to resolve also complicated technical issues, making the most specific requests feasible.
We supply working drawings by using laser cut, 3D cutting CN, folding, thermoforming, gluing.
For the ropeway and nautical industries we produce complete sets of alluminium and 316 stainless steel frames, we develop customized products making our specific experience available.

We are getting very good response from other sectors such as furniture and lighting.
We produce shaped components for various applications like methacrylate shells for chairs, stools and armchairs, wall mirrors, tables, wall, ceiling and floor lamps, and more.
Providing quality supplies with the best care and service speed is one of our strong points.
From the sample shipment to the delivery of the goods, punctuality consolidates the relationship with our old customers and reassures the new ones.


Limp srl offers a unique experience in the thermoforming field, in the manifacturing and assembling of plastic materials and its skills are recognised in the production of transparent products for several fields of application.

From the design phase, through manufacuring and delivery, the production is constantly monitored. By virtue of our experience we transform all plastic materials (Polycarbonate, PMMA, ABS, PET-G, PST, PE and others) in order to enhance their quality.